My first passion is creating.

As a Creative, I am passionate about sharing my artwork with the community, which led to the foundation of my brand, Phephe Rose™. My mission? Inspiring creativity in the next generation.

Phephe Rose Studio embodies my passion for creativity, background in design and architecture, expertise in custom art, captivation with children’s illustration, and my fervent mission to inspire others in my role as a Creative. I’m always looking for different ways to collaborate, inspire, and creative diverse, unique work.

Breathe life into your vision.

Have an idea? Not sure where to start or which direction to go?
Let’s chat. Let’s create.


  • Commissioned art & illustration
  • Artwork & design for marketing campaigns, editorial & publishing
  • Illustrated prints, stationary & other paper goods
  • Packaging art & design
  • Illustration & design for weddings & interior décor




CEO | Business Development | Creative

Connect with me on all Phephe Rose Studio inquiries.

I’m an illustrator and designer with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from USC. As an SCBWI member and Children’s Book Academy and Storyteller Academy graduate, I’ve been inspired to write and illustrate stories for children, especially books that feature diversity. I love sketching in my Los Angeles studio with my 9 plants. To read my full bio visit PhepheRose.com



Marketing Intern

Connect with me if you’d like to collaborate with marketing.

I’m here to learn about marketing before I head to UC Riverside in the fall. I’m a recent graduate of Mark Keppel High School in Los Angeles county, where I ran multiple school clubs with over 200 members each. I always love to give back to my community by volunteering at various foundations and local events. I understand how to lead, but also how to have fun. I enjoy singing, performing, sipping tea or coffee while coming up with creative ideas.